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Trade Space

Food Sites

(Refer to Clause 6, Licences/Permits Required)
3 x 3 square meters (minimum), power not included, $ 50.00
Additional 1x 3 square meters @ $10.00

Non-Food Sites

3 x 3 square meters (minimum), power not included, $ 30.00
Sites exceeding 3 x 3 square meters @ $3.30 per extra square metre

Power @ $10.00 per site
(Please supply your own cable extensions)
Note: Please advise if you require extra power

All Site fees are to be paid prior to the show. No payment prior to the show, no site provided.

Download a booking form and conditions for a Trade Space on the Rai Valley A&P Show:

Trade Space PDF file

Send the signed form to the Rai Valley A&P show secretary,
P.O Box 51 Rai Valley.