2nd March 2019


Show Information

Please take note of the following information; it will help answer a lot of questions typically asked prior to the show. Our Association abides by the Royal Agricultural Society of New Zealand (RAS), except to any extent as they modified or varied by the Association own rules as set out below. For a full set of RAS Rules and by-law regulations please contact the secretary.


All entry forms must be signed, legible, have required certificates attached, entry form calculated correctly, and subscription paid if a member. Incorrect entry forms will be returned for correction. Confirmation emails will be sent after processing, it is your responsibility to check the details, are correct and advise the secretary prior 20th February of any errors. The Equestrian Catalogue will be available on our website and updated daily for you to check your classes also: READ MORE.


Closing dates for all sections are as follows;

Friday, Feburary 9th, 2018:
Horse & Pony, Cattle, Sheep, Goats & Dog Sections.
Late entries will be accepted with a 50% penalty of total entry fee, for the above sections. Late entry forms will be returned.

Entries on the day:
Photography, Cookery, Home Produce, Farm Produce, Needlework, Handcrafts & Knitting, Wine, Metalwork, Flowers, Wood Skills and Children's Sections.
No entries accepted without payment of fee for any sections


Exhibitors aged 17 years and over must pay full entry fees unless members.

Members will receive 2 Adult and 2 Children Gate Passes, all other persons will be admitted to the show grounds upon paying the usual Admittance fee, whether exhibitors or not.
To become a Member please forward $20.00 with entry fee.

Download the Membership Form

Download the Rai Valley 2019 A&P Show Information Form

By completing an entry form or trade site application the competitor/ exhibitors accepts that their details maybe made available to the media for promotional, programme and/ or result purposes.

The Grand Parade begins around 12:30pm (approx) on show day, all place winners are expected to parade. Any Horse and Pony and Cattle prize winners not taking part in the Grand Parade may have their prize money forfeited.

TROPHIES AND PRIZE MONEYTrophies must be returned to the show office on the morning of the show, or at an earlier date as agreed with the secretary or a committee member.

Trophies or special prizes maybe substituted by sponsors

To each class of Sheep, Goats, Cattle, Horse and Pony, two prizes maybe awarded. When there are seven or more entries in one class, third prize money may be paid to the value of half of the value of second prize.

• A complete set of the Equestrian Rules and Regulations may be obtained by sending a self-addressed and stamped envelope with “Equestrian Rules” written on the back to:
The Secretary Rai Valley A&P Assn. P.O Box 51 Rai Valley

Download the Rai Valley 2019 A&P Show Information Form